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I finally, finally, learned how to swim! And now…

Haikyuu!! - the dorks Kageyama Tobio & Hinata Shouyou

…that’s you and me.

Tachibana Makoto and Nanase Haruka  Free! Eternal Summer 13

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old thing i did for the free_69min that i forgot to post/// theme was “good morning”

headcanon: rei’s the one who wakes up earliest (ok, that’s probably canon) so he’s the one who sends the first good morning text!! he wakes up at like 5 or 6 but he doesn’t send a text until around 7 because that’s around the time he knows nagisa wakes up. nagisa sees the texts and is sooo happy bc his rei-chan is so cute and he replies but then he sleeps in for another half hour

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May needs to get here quickly because I jsut want to be at Acen, enjoying four days away with my gf and just plan out ENJOYIG MYSELF.

and cosplay.

tons of gay cosplays as if it wasn’t good enough.

I’m so excited. Ugh, all the sports animes though. Well, I know im doing mostly sports ~

The best part; I get to hang out/spend time with you ♡

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Paring: Hinata & Tobio
Rating: E
Warnings: None so far, pretty safe read.
Chapters: 1 shot

The dark hair male sat in his room as he looked at the volley ball pictures from the pervious years. They were third years now and graduation was right around the corner. In fact so close it was…

You guys, based on My Tobio kissing a picture of me as Hinata ♡

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When those people come and ruin an anime for you.

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